Thursday, June 22, 2017

Katsukity's Official Partner Company Based in Europe

We are happy to announce that we have an official partner company, ( based in Europe. For Australian and Euro players, please also check out this site to purchase your capture kits.  Please contact Stefan at for the new 3DS Capture Kits on his site. 

We are still offering the capture kits for the EU consoles on our site ( and Please check our sites as well.

Thank you for your interest in our capture kits! We are looking forward to your order.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

New 3DS XL Capture Board

Here is a new capture board for the new 3DSXL (right in the picture)

The old capture board (left in the picture) has more trimmed from both sides and a smaller hole, which strains the board and leads to the USB connector being unrecognized.

To the right is the new board.  It has more material on both sides and more soldering on the USB connector so that it is more robust and won’t come off easily.
The hole itself is larger, which puts less strain on the board.  We have already seen a decreased defect rate with the new board.

The bottom case also has additional processing to create less burden.

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To everyone all over the world who has purchased Katsukity capture kits:

To everyone all over the world who has purchased Katsukity capture kits:

Hello, I’m Kity.

Thank you for purchasing your capture board from me.

I am aware of the following three problems, and I’d like to apologize for the inconvenience they have caused to my customers:
1) Shipping is delayed
2) The capture board is easily broken
3) Setup is not easy

I'm addressing the above issues as follows:

1) Shipping delay
When a new game is released in Japan, we receive a large volume of orders that causes a delay.  We can send at most 30 capture kits a day.  I will reserve 5 capture kits per day to be shipped overseas so as not to have anyone wait more than 1 month.

As long as we have consoles in stock, we promise to ship orders within 7 to 14 days.  If they are out of stock, we will try to send them within 14 to 21 days.

Although I try not to have consoles out of stock, if I find a lack of them, I will increase the number of consoles ordered each time.

If you want to receive your capture kit in a hurry, please use  We ship Amazon orders sooner.  We always have 10 capture kits in stock for Amazon customers.

2) The capture board is easily broken.
The capture board is delicate.  If strong pressure is applied to the USB slot while the cable is connected, the terminal may come off.

It takes 5 minutes for me to fix this kind of issue with a Phillips screwdriver and some solder.  I will make videos about how to fix the USB slot issue model by model and upload them on Youtube.

I will also offer a 1 year warranty.

For those who have purchased old capture boards for the new 3DS and the new 3DSXL within the last year, we will replace the old capture board for a newer, sturdier one.

When shipping your capture kit, please take out the battery and send it via post office.  This is the cheapest way to ship a capture kit overseas.

3) Setup is not easy
[Common troubleshooting is as follows:]
The operating system on your PC needs to be fully up to date in order to use the capture kit.  Please run Windows Update in order to make your operating system up to date, and update any device drivers.  Please remove other USB peripheral devices, and connect the capture kit only to a USB port directly on your PC.  If your PC has multiple USB ports, please try all the ports.  If you still have trouble installing the driver, we will help you remotely with teamviewer.  We have never failed to fix this issue after using remote assistance.

Lastly, I deeply apologize for the trouble I have caused with users all over the world.  I swear, by God, we will increase capture kit production and send orders sooner.

Currently, I’m developing a capture kit for Nintendo Switch tabletop mode.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Clearance Sale!


We are offering a discount price for the capture kit on the new 3DS and the new 3DSXL.
The sale ends when all the stock is sold out, so please order soon!

If you want to receive your order in a hurry, please choose the "Express shipping" option when you order.  We will send your order within two weeks.

We are looking forward to your order.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Discount coupon on the Japanese site

It's Katy.  We are offering a 1000 yen discount until the end of March on the Japanese site.
Please use this code when you order on the Japanese site: 7N59ND

We have received a flood of orders from overseas.  Please order as soon as possible.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The URL of the 1st GameDirectShop Wil Be Changed

Hi, it's Katy.

The URL of the first GameDirectShop store will be changed to (Japanese).

The old URL will not be reached after May 2016. 

If you use our Japanese sites, please check the new address when you visit.

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We've got the Limited Edition Pokemon 2DS

Hi, it's Katy. 
We've got the Limited Edition Pokemon 2DS.  We have Pikachu, Red, Green and Blue.   We have a limit number of this edition, so please order as soon as possible!

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